Our Shop’s Story

Whenever I refer to “Our shop” I’m literally talking about a little 300 square foot shop to the side of my house. I can be from my house and into our shop in 7 seconds tops. It was originally built in 2010 as a playhouse for me and my sister. We had wall decorations, chairs, tables, tile floors and carpet. Even after we grew out of this playhouse the tile floors and windows remained in tact and are still in our shop today. It sat vacant for about 4 years until I grew this little business out of my room and needed more space. I was trying to take ownership of any room in the house I could find since I needed more room to expand. This shop was honestly my last thought when it came to extra space. It needed so much work done to it and I knew nothing about renovations. I finally decided it would be the best way for me to expand (Mostly because it was my only option😂)


I knew it would have to have electricity and heat. That’s when I enlisted the help of the best guy I knew; my grandpa. I told him I just needed a “glorified extension cord” out there. Just enough where I could plug in one or two things. Next thing I knew he was over with wires, insulation, measuring tapes and a clipboard with his entire renovation plan. The plan included 6 different outlet plug ins, carpet installation, a heating and air unit, tons of lights and a light dimmer (Which he said was a necessity).

Obviously hot pink and lime green were popular colors back in 2010 😜

After Photos 


It took around 6 months to get it turned from a hot pink and green playhouse into “Our Shop”. A MAJOR shout out to all of my family that helped make this happen. My mom, sister, aunt, grandma and especially my grandpa who lets no project go unfinished or be anything less than perfect. They are the real MVP’s ❤️