My 3 BIGGEST business mistakes

After the 3 years of experience I’ve had with running my own business I’ve learned a lot. I’ve also made my fair share of mistakes. I want to tell you about my main three. Three things I wish someone had told me before I started my business.



Too many variations

Now, if you’ve been following my shop for awhile then you already know this. Before we solely did shirts we actually did bows and headbands. We carried 4 types of bows with various backings. As well as shirt designs in multiple colors and sizes. As you can probably guess, at one point we were carrying over 600 variations. Meaning at any given time someone could order 1 of 600 combinations. One day someone might order a hot pink bow on a nude nylon headband and the next day someone might order a certain shirt design on a heather grey shirt in a medium. At any given moment we would need to have the supplies to make 1 of 600 different things. I handled it pretty well for awhile and then it slowly turned into chaos. It was intense and slowed down my turnaround time. My advice to anyone in the same situation is SIMPLIFY. You can still have a killer shop with a ton of killer designs, but just make sure you’re not offering more than you can maintain.


Not working with influencers/Working with bad ones


Influencers are one of the best things on social media. If you’re unfamiliar with how influencers work I’ll break it down. Influencers are people who you send items from your shop to so they can promote them on their social media platforms. Normally, influencers have high followings on social media and would need to have an account that fit your target market. Many times over the past 3 years influencers have reached out to me wanting to work with my shop. In the beginning I was just starting out and nervous so I declined. Slowly, as my shop grew I decided to give it a shot. I started saying “Yes” to influencers who fit my brand. I also started reaching out to influencers I followed and wanted to represent my brand.


If you have a shop that you think would benefit from some promoting via influencers REACH OUT. Give it a try, but be careful. There are some influencers who won’t fulfill “their end of the deal”. Meaning you will send them the product from your shop and they will not post any pictures to help promote your brand.


How do you weed out the “bad” influencers? This is a hard one and I would just have to say follow your gut. Sometimes this will happen but don’t let that one bad influencer discourage you. There are more quality influencers out there than bad ones.


Not being “the face” of my business

Right when I started on social media I immediately began reading articles on the “dos” and “dont’s” about social media. One article I read said, “Your business page for social media is a place for business so your face should not appear on the page at all (or very little)”. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Your customers WANT to see you! You are the face behind your brand. Don’t hide! 


When I read that article about 2 months into my social media journey I took it to heart. I didn’t appear on my social media sites until Sept. 2017 (We opened Nov. 2015). After I became the face of my business so many doors opened. I met new people who I instantly became friends with and people were able to see the “ME” in my business. Which was really cool! Trust me when I say PEOPLE WANT TO SEE YOU. Show them your face and tell them your story.