How to get “noticed” on Instagram

Let me start out by saying being “popular” on Instagram or having “the most followers” isn’t the only thing that matters in life and don’t let it stress you out. I’m not an expert on this stuff, but I want to give you a few tips that I have found successful with my own account. If you are looking for a little advice to help jumpstart your insta profile, keep reading!




Hashtags can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. Use them, but don’t use commonly used or overused hashtags. Commonly/overused hashtags include things like #happy, #insta, #instadaily, #picoftheday, etc...These hashtags have been filtered by Instagram to not be shown. Meaning, if you post a photo using some of the commonly used hashtags your photo might be shadow banned. Shadow banned means your post will not be shown under the hashtag when searched. Also, meaning less people will see it. Of course, the algorithm of Instagram changes every 30 seconds so make sure you keep up on the updated information!


It’s best to google search “Instagram algorithm” every month to get the most up to date information.


Posting times

One thing I am continually working on; posting times. If you post a photo at 2am the likelihood that people will be logged on and scrolling their feed at 2am is unlikely. So make sure you post when the most people are logged on and “scrolling”.


Now this will vary for each audience. If you’re trying to reach teenagers or young adults the best posting time may be 10pm. While if your target market is moms you might want to post before 8pm because mama’s need to sleep when their kiddos fall asleep. For example, my target market would be moms and because of that I found my best posting times are around 4-6pm. Do I always post during this time? No, because life gets crazy and I miss the window, but the posts that I get up between 4-6pm always show better results.


Again with the algorithm, Instagram has been know to only shown your post to 10% of your followers. Once they show your post to the 10% and if your photo receives a lot of “love” (Likes and comments) Then Instagram will show that photo to the other 90% of your followers. It’s crazy and can be super frustrating, I know.


Photo quality/editing

I rode the struggle bus for a long time when it came to photos and editing. Even to this day, I’m no expert on photos but I’ve come a long way. Believe me when I say a LONG way. Instagram is a visual platform so you want your content to be visually appealing to your followers. Most people decide if they want to follow your account within 2 seconds of seeing the photos on your profile. Which means first impressions are important. Make sure the pictures on your profile represent “You”. Let your audience get to know you through your photos.


Make friends!

Find your tribe! Find a group of mom bloggers, small business owners, influencers, etc...who will help lift up your page! The ones who will interact with your story polls, like and comment on your posts. They will mean more to your shop than you know! 



Now tread lightly with this one. I’ve heard some controversy over hosting giveaways so let me break it down for you.


Some people see hosting giveaways as “buying followers”. Personally, I’ve never had this opinion but to each their own. If you’re a mom blogger or influencers look for a giveaway account on Instagram that you love and trust and try joining one of their giveaways. I’ve done a couple like this and loved them! The engagement gained from them was great! If you’re a small shop try giving away something from your shop. That way you know the people who enter the giveaway already like what you’re selling.


Don’t over OR under post

Consistency is key. Don’t take long social media breaks. I know how important it can be to “un-plug” for your own sanity and if that’s what you need to do then girl, go for it! Here’s where I caution you, if you do that too often you will lose engagement on your account. Also, if you are posting 4+ posts a day, slow your roll. People who follow you love to see what you post but don’t clutter their entire feed with what you had for lunch and the weird mole on your foot. Just don’t. Keep your posts relevant and don’t paste your life over everyone else’s feed.


Add locations and hashtags in your story to reach a larger audience

Use those Instagram story features! Add locations to your story. No, you don’t have to post your address or that you’re sitting on the couch eating chips. Just try posting the location nearest to you. Whether it be a bigger city or just the state you’re in. Also, use the hashtag feature. In stories only one hashtag “counts” so make it good! Polls are another great way to increase engagement. Add polls and ask for people’s opinion. You know how much people on social media love to give their opinion 😉



Hope this helps give your account the little boost it may need!