How Bella Noelle Started

years ago I was hanging out with some family and a close family friend who constantly talked about her online jewelry business. She talked about how it gave her creative freedom, a monthly income and a flexible schedule. She could do things her way. Which I LOVED!


She was the one who put the fire in my soul to become an entrepreneur.


That night I was headed to bed and thought, what could I sell? I had no major passions or hobbies that I thought could be turned into a legit business. So I kept running every possibility through my head. Then, a week later in my 5th period high school class I figured it out; headbands for teens. At the time I was a teen so I was more than qualified. Right?!


As I went that next morning to WalMart. Which is where all the good entrepreneurs go to get quality materials (Insert sarcasm).


I was standing in the ribbon/fabric section and it hit me again; baby headbands. Of course, all little girls looked adorable in headbands so I knew I was hitting a gold mine! I bought some material and started with a sewing machine and a hot glue gun.


I worked away until I had my first small business Hår Couture (Hår is the Norwegian word for hair). I loved making bows and headbands, but I quickly learned I was in an over-saturated market. It can be hard when making bows to come up with new designs and styles because there are so many on the market. It can be hard to “stand out”.


(Shout out to all the current bows makers who are killing it! For real, you guys are the MVP’s)


As time went on I found love for a new craft that was like nothing else; making shirts. I could be as creative as I wanted and I wasn’t limited. For about a year Hår Couture carried both shirts and headbands. It easily became too many variations to keep up with so I had to make a choice; shirts or headbands?


For me the choice was simple. I wanted to make shirts. So here we are today, rebranded to be Bella Noelle. (Check out the “About us” section to hear more behind the name).


I cannot tell you enough how grateful I am for this opportunity. The opportunity to run my own business while being in college. I’ve met so many AMAZING and supportive people through this business and if you’re reading this then you’re one of them.