#1 piece of business Advice?

If I could give any entrepreneur one piece of business advice it would be “Don’t give up”. Which I know sounds super cliche and your probably thinking it’s the most vague and “Hallmark Card” sounding advice ever, but hear me out. 


When you start your own business you may set some unrealistic goals and when you don’t meet those unrealistic goals you may get discouraged. I’m speaking from experience on this one. When I first opened I thought, “I should be able to sell one thing per day” and boy was I wrong. It took me WEEKS to get my first sale. I remember running downstairs to tell my mom that someone actually bought something from me. I was shocked because in those previous weeks I had kind of given up. It was that one sale that turned my shop from a hobby into a business. 


So as cliche as it sounds,

“Don’t give up. Good things are coming.”


How do your shirts run?

Our adult tees are unisex so they run a little large. If you like your tees a little looser go true to size, but if you like them a little lighter I would recommend sizing down. There is also a sizing section on our website that is super helpful! Just type “Sizing” into the search bar.


Worst mistake?

Oh, boy! This one is still pretty embarrassing. About a year into my business I switched two orders shipping envelopes.


Two women received each other’s orders. It was terrible! When I was contacted by one of them I was able to figure out who got whose order and able to let the other women know before her order arrived. I had never done anything like this before and had no idea what to do. I just told them to keep what they had received and I would send their correct order out ASAP. They were both nice about it and SUPER understanding. Definitely one of my most humbling moments. So let this be a warning to you DOUBLE CHECK THOSE LABELS.


One thing you wish you could’ve change about your business?

Ummmm...I feel like every bump in the road I’ve hit was a learning experience. A learning experience that only made me better and stronger. So I can’t say there would be anything I would change because I think even the “bad times” make you better.


How do you deal with an upset customer?

BE NICE. You may get that one customer who you could give your kidney and left arm to and they still wouldn’t be satisfied, but just remember that kindness is the key. Whatever they are upset about, validate their feelings. Let them know that you care and would love to help them out. Sometimes in business the ways you can help are limited but always do your best and end your messages to them on a positive note.


Best part of owning your own business?

Hands down, making my own shirts and hoodies. There have been countless times that I thought, “I have nothing to wear” and then I just head over to our shop and make my shirt for the day. Not every business out there does shirts but every business sells something and I bet they would say one of their favorite parts of their business is having the items they sell readily available to wear or use.


I hope this helps any fellow business owners or people just looking to see a little more of our “behind the scenes”.